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This blog is concerned with the history and lineage of British Army regiments. In common with many of my other blogs, this is not the place where you will find topical posts about current issues. What you will find, I hope, is a reference site which will be a useful resource in understanding the history of British Army regiments.

As I write this, this blog is four days old and comprises precisely four posts and four pages. It is very early days and yet when I look at my army service numbers blog, I see that I started that in 2008, six years ago. It seems like only yesterday.

I have used a number of reference works in the composition of this resource and I shall be happy to add to this list as I go on.  In alphabetical order these are:

A Companion to the British Army, David Ascoli, 1983
Records and Badges of the British Army, Chichester & Burgess-Short, 1900
Regimental Records of the British Army, Grant Richards, 1901; reprinted by Crecy Books 1984
regiments.org, Unknown

I welcome comments and am not too proud to admit errors and mistakes, any of which are mine and mine alone and which I will be happy to correct.

Paul Nixon
Essex, July 2014

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