Sunday, 16 November 2014

12th Regiment of Foot - The Suffolk Regiment

20th June 1685
The Duke of Norfolk's Regiment of Foot. The regiment was raised at Norwich from local men living in Norfolk and Suffolk. It also incorporated a detachment, raised in 1660, which had been sent to Virginia in 1667. Until 1751 it was also known by the names of ten other colonels.
Ranked as 12th Foot
1st July 1751
12th Regiment of Foot
31st August 1782
12th (the East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot
1st July 1881
The Suffolk Regiment. Designated as the county regiment for Suffolk, also encompassing militia and volunteer infantry.
29th August 1959
Amalgamated with the Royal Norfolk Regiment to form the 1st East Anglian Regiment, (Royal Norfolk and Suffolk).
1st September 1964
1st East Anglian Regiment merges with the 2nd East Anglian Regiment, 3rd East Anglian Regiment and The Royal Leicestershire Regiment to form the Royal Anglian Regiment.

Pictured, Major General Sir Thomas Picton who joined the regiment in 1773 and was killed at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

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